Kriyayoga Short Messages

Visible & Invisible Cosmos Is One Body Known As God...

Each Moment, Feel Self As Manifestation Of God
& Experience Ever-New Joy...

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Kriyayoga Practice Means...

Kriyayoga Is
Cosmic Tool

Kriyayoga Meditation increases 
understanding power easily and quickly

Perception of Death Is Dream. Truth Is Life.
Practise Kriyayoga sincerely to realise Truth.

There are three states of living: 
As a Devil..., where we constantly fight and criticize one another, 
As a Human..., where we compare and compete with each other 
and are constantly striving to be better than others, 
and as an Angel..., where we see all as infinite forms. 
With the practice of Kriyayoga, we transform ourselves into angels  and look upon all with loving eyes .

Each human being is the manifestation of 14 universes :
7 heavens (swargaas) and 7 spheres of devils (paataals). 
These universes are present in a divine form.
By practising Kriyayoga, heaven starts manifesting and dominating over the paataals  
and a person feels bliss, peace and joy each moment...


Adding Truth To Life Is Having The Right Posture of Mind

About Standing Recharging 

The Purpose of Eating


Experience The Gita by Practising Kriyayoga...

Kriyayoga Master & Scientist,
Swami Shree Yogi Satyam

GITA is the most Beloved scripture of Humanity. In fact, it is The scripture of all scriptures. It celebrates Omnipresence of Immortality.

Practice of Kriyayoga evolves a person to listen The Song of Soul which is experienced as Ever-New Joy, Peace, Omnipotence and Omnipresence.

Shrimad Bhagvad Gita is an unparallel noble Sanskrit poem, which forms part of the Mahaabhaarat epic. It is a complete text of all Human Sciences. It includes all philosophy of living that leads to Realization of the Truth that all visible and invisible creation are manifestations of God i.e. God has become the entire creation remaining undivided, complete and ever-lasting.

In order to understand it more clearly, let us look at a seed and tree. A seed can manifest itself in the form of a tree. Inside a seed, there are infinite trees and inside a tree there are infinite seeds. God is Omnipotent and Omniscient. He can do anything . Those who meditate on The Gita experience Ever New Joy and find new meaning of each and every verse . There are thousands of interpretations of The Gita and it is very difficult to read all . Now the question arises as to how to select a quality book on The Gita. In fact, for the majority, it is a very hard task. If anyone wants to understand The Gita as it is, then learn Kriyayoga faithfully. Practicing Kriyayoga is experiencing the philosophy of The Gita, which is nothing but realizing one's Immortal Existence.


I And God...

We are made in the image of God...

To understand it, we should look into the relation between an object and its image. As an image cannot exist without the object, similarly, we cannot exist without God. The object and Image are inseparable. Once we realize this fact, we will say that God is Nearest of Near & Dearest of Dear.



Oneness With God...

As we meditate, we go through different stages as outlined in the diagram shown above. We first connect with our physical layer (The Atoms/Molecules Layer). After this, we connect with our life-current or praan layer. At this stage, we gain control over our life-current. Having control over the life-current, we reach the next layer - The Mind Layer. In The Mind layer, the power of The Mind increases and we are able to control our Mind. The blindness of Mind is removed. Then, we enter into The Wisdom Layer where we attain the power to impartially introspect within ourselves. Thereafter, we reach the layer of the heart or hridaya. At The Heart Layer, we perceive bliss-consciousness. It is common to hear the saying that we should do something with all our heart. The heart mentioned does not refer to the physical heart. After this stage, we reach the innermost layer - The Layer of God. In this layer, we realize Oneness with God.



Knowing True Nature of Self...

Swami Shree Yogi Satyam

There are infinite sounds and pictures present always at each point in this Cosmos. When we turn on the television, radio and the internet, we can know some of these pictures and sounds. However, to know them, we need instruments.

In the same way, to realize our true nature, we need intuitive eyes. With the physical eyes, we are unable to see or know the true nature of Self. Kriyayoga practice opens our intuitive eyes hidden behind our heart.



Aaswathaa - The Upturned Tree...

Swami Shree Yogi Satyam

This Body Temple is like an Upturned Tree (described in The Gita as aswathaa) where the Head is the Root, Spine is the trunk and the nerves are the Branches. The changes that we feel in the body are the leaves and these changes are referred to as Vedas  
(Chapter 15, verse I)

Just as we need to nourish the roots of the tree with fertilizer and water for it to be healthy, we have to nourish "our roots". We nourish our roots with 

he incomparable fertilizer - The Infinite Thought of God. The thought of God is the true nutrition (complete nutrition) for the upturned tree - aswathaa (human existence)

What happens then?
We become endowed with The Highest Peace, Knowledge, Patience and True Health and Happiness...

The practice of Kriyayoga Science is the highest science of learning The Vedas