Common Message of Truth
across All Scriptures

*  Message by Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam *


Kriyayoga Scientist, Swami Shree Yogi Satyam spoke on the common message of all scriptures. Swamiji said that all scriptures speak the same truth and explained using the quotes in the different scriptures. 

Swamiji explained that it is written in Japji sahib that we have to practice to capture the will (hukum) of God. Swamiji said that there is only God and God is truth that has manifested in all forms.  The practical way to capture the will of God is by the technique of Kriyayoga.

Speaking on the true meaning of “Qurbani”, Swamiji explained that the ego is dearest to one self. When it is divinely-tuned, one will realize the truth in life that God that has manifested in all forms in this cosmos. Swamiji said that by practising Kriyayoga, the ego is tuned towards divinity.

Swamiji then explained that Kriyayoga is the practice that Saint Paul spoke of when he said “I die daily”. In Kriyayoga practice, one reverses the flow of life-current inwards and upwards towards the medulla region. In this way, one is able to control all bodily mechanisms, including that which we refer to as death.

Swamiji then highlighted that in The Gita it is stated that the body is a field in which can be found the knower of the field. The knower of the field is also the creator of it and the creator is God. Swamiji explained that we therefore have to practise to seek God in this body field and this practice is known as Kriyayoga.