Effects & Medical Highlights of Kriyayoga Practice     


Listed on this page:

1) Medical Accounts by Swami Shanatananda
(Dr Anil Kumar)

2) Some Proven Results in brief

Given below are medical accounts of some cures that have been observed 
through the practice of Kriyayoga. 

Written By:
ANIL KUMAR, M.D., D.C.H. (Swami Shantananda) 
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Case of March 2009: Non-violence is the basic principle of this creation

One of the advanced Kriyayog meditators recently experienced the following confirming the above principle of life.  

Since 1982, there was gradually increasing pain and swelling in the floor of the mouth.  It was associated with change of sensations in taste, heaviness of the lower jaw and difficulty in moving the tongue around affecting chewing and speech.  The devotee continued to consider it as a manifestation of omnipresent omniscient omnipotent immortal Consciousness or God or creative energy of the universe.  Over the past 25 years, intermittently the pain sensation was severe and within last week although it even worsened but overshadowed by a severe generalized pain in the whole body.  Two days ago, a cone shaped stone (calculus) spontaneously expelled from the right side of the floor of the mouth at the base of the tongue.  This sub-lingual salivary gland stone measured 20 mm X 7 mm.  The pains immediately relieved and the enlarged right sub-lingual salivary duct opening regressed within two hours.  During the entire period, there was never an associated fever or local blood or pus discharge.

The above accurate and practical demonstration of principles of love (viz. patience, acceptance, tolerance and humility) and non-violence (viz. peaceful coexistence, creating no thoughts of elimination, fear or injury to others or to self) peacefully resolved even the most stubborn internal condition.

Additionally, this devotee while undergoing this experience since 1998 until 2008 did not experience much thirst drinking only may be a cupful of water daily yet passing ample urine.  Where the explanation is that the body was trying to convert extra solids accumulating in the body excreting as urine and once the salivary stone expelled out, the sensation of thirst and need for up to 4 cups of water a day returned.


Case of the week May 24, 2006

VMT is a male aged 50 years, a resident of U.P., India. He is a university graduate and employed as a priest in a temple at a fertilizer factory. Since December 2004 he experienced pain in the right sacroiliac area of his hip and within the next 15 days pain started on the left side. He was examined and treated by an orthopedic specialist who declared his condition “hopeless”. He tried allopathic, ayurvedic and homeopathic remedies in succession. With homeopathic medicines and physiotherapy lasting 2 ½ months, he got partial and temporary relief that reverted back within a few weeks. Since February 2005 he could neither sit up nor walk without the help of an attendant and a walker. Latest X-ray of his dorso-lumbar spines dated 30th November 2005 was reported to show “Bridging osteophytes in dorso-lumbar region (Bamboo Spine). Diagnosed as Ankylosing Spondylitis with obliteration of joint spaces of sacroiliac joints bilaterally suggestive of grade III sacro-ilitis”. Other laboratory investigations showed E.S.R. 55 mm in 1st hour (Westergren normal 0-15), Mild normocytic normochomic anemia, Serum Phosphate 5.30 mg/dl (normal 2.70 to 4.50), and C- Reactive Protein 4.50 mg/dl (normal less than 1).

On 5th December 2005, totally incapacitated and dependent, accompanied by his wife, he was brought to learn and practice Kriyayog. He sat in a padded chair semi-reclined while listening to and observing the practice sessions of Kriyayog that he, his wife and the general public attended. The first 2 months he spent in mental turmoil as this spiritual science, new to him, was somewhat contrary to his beliefs. During this period he developed swelling of palm and fingers of his left hand with deformity of the fingers. With perseverance and gradual acceptance, he started to feel better mentally since 13th February 2006. Very gradually he started to walk with a walker unattended and thereafter with help of two canes. Currently while practicing Kriyayog several times a day he claims that he has lost about ¼ of his body weight, feels good, eats and sleeps well. He has become free of pain unless changing positions and regained his independence. His mind is filled with devotion and self confidence. Lately, he has been walking 1 km every day. The only two untoward effects he experienced since his arrival here were fever with chills lasting two days which resolved on its own and swelling of both of his legs and feet due to standing or sitting up for hours on end. He has not been taking any medication or supplements since his arrival here.

It has been consistently observed that the caretaker or the person accompanying also gets tremendous benefits when both learn and practice Kriyayog. His wife aged 42 years suffered of pain in lumbo-sacral area for the past one year receiving many allopathic medicines without any benefit. She was also diagnosed as having hyperthyroidism and treated with medication. She claims that ever since practicing Kriyayog she has been free of all symptoms without the help of any medications, supplements or any other interventions.  

Case of the week May 7, 2006

KM born on Oct. 15, 1988 resident of a village near Azamgarh in Eastern U.P., India fell from a 40 ft. high roof top landing on his lower back on October 17, 2005. Although, he did not sustain any head injury or experienced unconsciousness, he was instantaneously paralyzed and lost all sensations from his waist down, both his lower limbs, and urinary bladder and bowel. 

Over the next six weeks he received treatment at four nursing homes and one reputed Medical College Hospital. Initially he was advised to get operated. However, only physiotherapy was instituted for those six weeks. A MRI study of dorso-lumbar spine on February 5, 2006 has been reported to have “an anterior wedge compression fracture of L-1 vertebral body with posteriorly displaced fractured fragment causing gross compression over terminal cord and proximal cauda equine nerve roots also there is an oblique fracture in sacrum on the right side”.

He first arrived to Kriyayoga Research Institute on February 25, 2006 having further deterioration in his condition. He needed daily bladder catheterization, finger evacuation of his bowels, and antibiotic for his urinary infection. Since then he has been practicing Kriyayoga sadhana 7- 8 times each day. He started to feel improvement in the strength of his right lower extremity by the third day, bladder function by the seventh day and the feeling of presence of stool by twentieth day. Besides fever and chills in the initial few days no other significant adverse body changes have been reported. His mental outlook continued to improve since the third day. He became cheerful by eighth day. As of May 7, 2006 he has feelings returned from pelvis down. Urination is normal. Bowel evacuation is delayed at times. He can bend and lift his right leg up while the left leg is still slightly weaker and movements of his pelvis have returned to normal. He eats and sleeps well while remaining cheerful and very positive in his attitude. 

Remarks from Swami Shri Yogi Satyam: “Condition of this young man was deemed incurable due to the worsening of his symptoms and signs. Ever since he has been practicing Kriyayoga meditation with devotion and along with his mother's cooperation and care, he is showing steady and rapid improvement in bodily, mental and spiritual aspects of his life making it a very positive experience for himself and his mother."

Case of the week May 4, 2006

65 years of age Indian housewife sustained a fractured femur following a short fall in May 2005. She underwent a repair operation. Soon thereafter she started to practice Kriyayog meditation once or twice daily. Within 12 weeks she started to walk on her own gradually leading an independent life. In April 2006 she experienced swellings of her arms once in a while and her blood pressure was recorded 159/67 mm of Hg and her pulse 80/minute. Thereafter she started to practice Kriyayog meditation 3 times daily and with adherence to a salt-free non-violent yogic diet. Within 1 month her blood pressure was reduced to 135/66 mm of Hg and her pulse 74/minute.  The swellings over her arms disappeared. Additionally, she became more confident of her body, mind and indomitable spirit.

Remarks by Swami Shri Yogi Satyam : Daily sincere practice of Kriyayog several times a day will not only eradicate all problems of life but also make the devotee realize one’s godliness.  


Some Proven Results of Kriyayoga Practice in Brief


  • Cured of malignant breast cancer considered as incurable. Increased physical and mental capacity.                                                                                                           - Leslie Jean Cunes (Ginger) , Calgary, Canada

  • Cured of ovarian cysts in approximately 3 months. Increased understanding and youthful 
    appearance at age of 73. 
                                                                    -  Mildred Winter, Kitchener, Canada  

  • Cured of chronic pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. 
    Found  relief  within 2 weeks of practice.     
                                      - Elizabeth Cahill, Toronto, Canada  

  • Cured of Cirrosis of Liver                                                              - Hiral Laal, 40 yrs, Madhya Pradesh, India

  • Cured of osteoporosis. Reversible of old age bone.                          - Ann Thomas Edwards Brampton, Canada  

  • Disappearance of rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid factor and allergy within five years of practice.                                                                                                                                     -  Colonel A.K. Shukla, Allahabad, India  

  • Cured of high rectal prolapse and allergy within three years of Kriyayoga practice.                               
    - Mr Sanjeev Sareen, Deputy Manager of Reliance Corporation,
    Allahabad, India  

  • Cured of liver cancer                                                        -  Mrs Mohan,  55 yrs, Jhusi, Allahabad

  • Cure of Diabetes. Before Kriyayoga practice, blood sugar was 480mg/100mL.  
    After 3 years of Kriyayoga practice, blood sugar came to normal of 100-120 mg/100mL. 
    Arthritis condition has also come down to normal.
      J.K. Kapoor,  63 yrs, Toronto, Canada  

  • Cure of hypertension/ chronic blood pressure from 245/140 mmHg to 140/85 mmHg after 3 years of practice.                                                                                        -   Urmila Kapoor, Toronto, Canada  

  • Relief of Blood Pressure : 
    Systolic - 180 to 190 mmHg is reduced to 115 to 117 mmHg
                  Diastolic – 90 to 105 mmHg is reduced to 75 to 77 mmHg.

          Stopped taking all vitamins and hormones       
                                                                                                 - Dr Brij Sharma, CA, USA

  • Reduction of 20 years enlarged heart to normal size within five years of practice    
    - Mrs Savitri Bajaj, Toronto, Canada

  • Cured of bronchial asthma                                                   - Mariosz Moriackz , Vancouver, Canada  

  • Realized the importance for the spread of Kriyayoga for worldwide educational reform. 
    - Georgia Lamb, Calgary, Canada