Divine Soul:

Your Loving Contribution Is Needed...

To spread the science of Kriyayoga,

to the world & for the world that is One family

united in one Consciousness, in one Infinite Love...


To support an international spiritual home

For all to come to share, to learn, to experience

the Divine Bliss that everyone seeks

that everyone needs...


To spread the scientific way to overcome all illness

For all to overcome all problems and fear

To develop the correct habits to realize Heaven on Earth

that many are today unaware of… 

To disseminate the message of Truth and Non-violence

which brings harmony at all levels in human life,

to the family that was ever One & ever will be One…


To support the running of the childrens’ residential school in Allahabad, India.


Without your loving support, it will be difficult to spread the message worldwide
because you are inseparable and an important part of this world.
Your support towards the essential and universal service -
expansion of Kriyayoga Meditation, will make you immediately
feel knowledge, power, peace and joy within.


To make a donation with love to the mission of
Kriyayoga Research Institute to spread the proven
scientific key of Kriyayoga Meditation for all
to truly lead the highest happiest life,
send an e-mail to
requesting details for how you can make your contributions.