Message from Guruji for Kriyayoga Programs in 2013

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To bequeath each and every country with the best lifestyle based on the principles and philosophy of Truth and Non-violence and in order to stop the growth of jealousy, greed and violence, we need to practice Kriyayoga meditation. 

Paramahansa Yogananda spread Kriyayoga meditation all over the world very successfully.  In order to further spread the deeper philosophy and principles of Kriyayoga to all countries, Paramahansa Yogananda decided to start a powerful movement from India.  Therefore, at the time of his mahasamadhi he prophesied his worldwide movement starting from India.  He declared, O India I will be there.

Paramahansa Yogananda forecasted his multidimensional presence in India because all countries of the world cannot increase the intensity and power of Truth and Non-violence within until India becomes involved at the frontier of the Kriyayoga movement.  To fulfill this mission starting in 2013, we, monks and followers of Kriyayoga, have decided to spread Kriyayoga meditation to the villages of India.

The 2013 Spring Healing program will still be conducted by the monastic order from May 4th to May 11th   at Yog Fellowship.  I will not be physically present but will come to Canada and USA later in August for the Summer Healing Program from Aug 17th to Aug 31st to revise the Kriyayoga practice with all of you.

Your daily practice of Kriyayoga meditation and participation in the Kriyayoga group programs will help to bless this Divine Mission.  This will assist us to light the lamp of Kriyayoga first within each home in India and then throughout the world.

With Infinite Love & Blessings,