Excerpts From Testimonials To The Benefits Of 
Kriyayoga Meditation As Taught By

Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam


  1. By Justice O.P. Garg

  2. By Shri B.P. Singhal

  3. Dr Anil Kumar (Swami Shantananda)

    1. Testimonial & Marvellous Kriyayoga Effects

    2. Surgical Interventions vs. Kriyayoga

  4. Dr Zena Bedessee ( Taramata )

  5. Mr J.K. Kapoor

  6. Mil Winter ( Shraddhamata )

  7. Elizabeth Cahill ( Shardamata )

  8. Anna Cipollone ( Gangamata )

  9. Sanjana Hasteer ( Meeramata )

  10. Dr BalRam Singh

  11. Mariana Sinanan

An unprecedented event, which later on proved to be the turning point of my life, took place a few years back. On the bank of holy Ganga, in Prayag (India), I had the surprise of having a mystic glimpse of a “Yogi” appearing to be in pristine state of purity. It generated magnetic attraction in me. The quest to know about the whereabouts became deep-seated and showed me the way to Kriyayoga Anusandhan Sansthan, Jhunsi, the trans-Ganga abode of Swami Shree Yogi Satyam – a spark plug and moving force of the scientific vehicle of Kriyayoga. The atmosphere, ambience and aroma all-around the Sansthan was serene and the sheen of a great saint was all-pervading. After a short interval, I realised that he is an acclaimed Yogi and has been portraying the “real” character of a saint and bringing alive Kriyayoga with meaningful results. He appeared to be intellectually unparalleled.  His capacity to induce the audience to bring them spiritually and intellectually equal is unique. The daily routine of the ‘moving force’ is brisk round the clock. Spiritual, intellectual, religious and social activities keep on going uninterrupted at all hours.

 My association, in the course of time, grew thicker and thicker and an inseparable bond of love and commune came closer and found strength. My interest in the subject grew when I myself was the victim of stress disease, commonly known as tension. The use of some tranquillisers at the initial stage followed by regular practice of Kriyayoga gave me complete relief.

 How such a change was brought about in my life by the practice of Kriyayoga became the subject of my enquiry in the subsequent years. I read many simple, non-professional medical books and monographs, which gave me vivid descriptions of most of the stress diseases, from hypertension to migraine, with no satisfactory answer to the question of their prevention. In the same way, I read many books on Kriyayoga too, from ancient authors to modern scholars, but some of the points remained unexplained. Then I read books on Kriyayoga such as ‘Holy Science’ by Swami Shree Yukteshwar Giri, ‘An Autobiography of a Yogi’ authored by Shree Paramhans Yogananda, ‘God Alone’ written by Shree Gyanamata, Patanjali’s ‘Yoga Sutras’ and a host of other books of Swami Shree Yogi Satyam. These books, specifically on Kriyayoga, could give me a scientific explanation as to how stress and disorders are actually caused and why they are increasing at such a rapid rate all over the world. Now, I firmly believe Kriyayoga, undoubtedly, a scientific device, is an important measure with beneficial results to the suffering humanity from the preventive, as well as, curative points of view.

 It is now well-established that the brain with it’s known centres for sensory, intellectual and emotional functions, plays the main role in maintaining a balanced condition of our body and mind by liberating the required amount of all neuro-humors and hormones. If the disturbance persists, the practice of Kriyayoga would help greatly to get over the neuro-humoral changes occurring in the brain. Therefore, the integrated practice of Kriyayoga has an important role to play in the prevention and treatment, not only of stress diseases, but also other serious ailments.

 It is in my personal knowledge that the patients with chronic and dreaded diseases have been cured taking recourse to The Science of Kriyayoga under the unfathomable guidance and calibre of Swami Shree Yogi Satyam, both at The Mother Center in Prayag and abroad.

 Kriyayoga, as I understand, traces its origin in the footprints of Shree Mahavatar Babaji, the ancient deathless saint, whose immortal soul is said to be still reverberating in The Himalayas. His immediate disciple, Yogi Shree Shree Lahiri Mahasaya of Banaras , picked up the thread to hold the reins of Kriyayoga. He was succeeded by his loving disciple, Swami Shree Yukteshwar Giri, of Serampore. He left the legacy of Kriyayoga to his most accredited and popular disciple, Paramhans Yogananda. The gigantic task of realising the dreams of the Rev. Saints has fallen on the broad shoulders of Swami Shree Yogi Satyam – having cosmic consciousness. He is undoubtedly the most acclaimed and renowned Yogi in the Science of Kriyayoga and a worthy successor in line. As a Yogi, he holds his sway over mainstream of Kriyayoga. His enviable cauldron of talent just about spilleth over. His message, “persistence, perseverance and alacrity brings success”, inspires and motivates many young people. When Swami Shree Yogi Satyam starts imparting lectures in The Science of Kriyayoga, it is more than evident that he has decided to translate ‘fascination’ into a meaningful science that offers a rare incite into the intricacies of human relationships. He has emerged as India’s messenger by exploring the foreign land transmitting the historic message that Kriyayoga is The science of God-realisation within one’s own self. It is the most scientific science in the World. The ultimate object of meditation is to attain conscious awareness of God and soul’s eternal oneness with Him. If we aspire to more than an uneasy existence on earth, we must renew our connections with the Divine Source – God. Through scientific methods of prayer, we can consciously attune ourselves to that infinite power and bring healing to the body, mind and spirit. The methods and principles of Kriyayoga may be used by any one regardless of their religious affiliation, for they are based not on dogma or belief but on application of universal laws.

 The science of Kriyayog is all permeative and, for a novice like me, it is difficult to explain it. I cannot do better but to profitably quote Swamiji with regard to the efficacy of The Science: 

“Kriyayoga is a Science through which one realizes the Ultimate Reality of life; that INFINITE-COSMOS is representing GOD-ALONE and EACH PARTICLE of this Cosmos has INFINITE-GOD within.

Realisation of this union is possible, first time, within one’s own BODY-TEMPLE then after everywhere, all over the world, by sincere practice of The Science of Kriyayoga.”

 Swami Shree Yogi Satyam is the first to offer such an esoteric pragmatic interpretation which can bring about an integrated development of human personality on all the live planes – Unfalling Plane, Vibrant Vitality on the Vital Plane, Abiding Happiness on the Emotional Plane, Profound Knowledge on the Intellectual Plane and Universal Love on the Spiritual Plane. He is the pioneer in propagating the ideology that God is the cosmic reservoir of Health, Energy, Happiness, Knowledge and Love and is present in all but is not experienced owing to the layers of impurities at all the planes. These coverings are capable of being removed by Kriyayoga.

 Swamiji does not possess even an iota of pride and pelf. His consciousness had risen above the worldly attractions. He is an ardent believer of the fact that a self-realised person remains unaffected in pairs of opposites such as, cold and heat, joy and sorrow and honour and ignominy. His close associates also are surprised to see him mix with people like the ordinary man. He is a perfect Yogi.

 He does not ask us to renounce the World and go to mountains or forests to lead an ascetic life. He would say that a house holder is the back bone of the society and grihastha ashram is the ideal human life. 

I feel most fortunate to come in contact with Yogiji. With his deep insight, he has proved that Kriyayoga is an unfalling instrument for the betterment of the World. His humility, simplicity, affectionate approach and philantrophic disposition did cast a spell on me and totally captured my soul. 

The ideology of human transformation being propagated by Reverend Yogiji is the common essence of all religions. It is secular in spirit and in action and stands for multi-dimensional development of the human psysche. The most gratifying aspect of this ideology is that it is very practical in approach and a blending of the rationality of science and the spirituality of religion.

 Swami Shree  Yogi Satyam hopes that his endeavor of dissemination of The Science of Kriyayoga on an International level would serve the lot of the suffering humanity and also change the chaotic World of today into an universally harmonious and prosperous society of ideal citizens.

 Yogiji has a missionary zeal and his goal is to reach out to millions throughout the World. Now it is for us to find out ways and means, of how best, to globalise his mission. 




- Justice O.P. Garg

Senior Justice of High Court, Allahabad India

Unparalleled personality with nine Gold Medals, Chancellor and Topper Medals.

Has acquired lasting fame in field of Justice. His untiring efforts to redeem The Judiciary of rampant ailments are bound to reverberate through the annals of global history

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“...Kriyayoga is simple and remarkably effective. I have found that even a minute of practice gives more physical relaxation and mental peace than years of any other device. Swami Shree Yogi Satyam has emerged as a powerful spiritual messenger in the long line of spiritual giants that India has produced...”

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- Mr B.P. Singhal

Practical Philosopher & Author of
Spiritual Classic - “Ma Ki Pukaar”

Ex-Director General of Police

Ex-Chairman, Central Board of Film Certification, Bombay

Minister of Parliament, Government of India
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" I, a U.S. citizen and a medical doctor, has specialized in the care of children and young adults for the last 38 years. After practicing modern medicine mostly in the United States of America and also in England and India, I have returned to India to serve on a volunteer basis. For the past two years I have been practicing the science of Kriyayoga meditation as taught by my guru, Swami Shree Yogi Satyam. He imparts knowledge of this ancient experiential spiritual science, free of charge, to everyone seeking a change from their current status by conducting classes throughout India, Canada, Germany and the USA. His desire to serve humanity regardless of nationality, race, religious beliefs, educational and socio-economic backgrounds, has led him to successfully integrate modern medicine and the spiritual science of Kriyayoga meditation.

Swami Shree Yogi Satyam has bestowed upon me the title of “Swami Shantananda”, which means a non-religious renunciate monk. This drastic change in my life and career came about after personally witnessing the healing power of body, mind and spirit through the sincere practice of Kriyayoga meditation. During a short period of 40 days in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, I have witnessed the cure of intractable illnesses like breast cancer, severe diabetes mellitus, cataract of the eye lens, crippling arthritis, mental depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and many more. I am convinced that with proper guidance each and every one of us has the innate power to heal ourselves totally in every aspect of our lives. Similarly, upon witnessing Kriyayoga  practitioners during my three months stay in India, I came across many examples of people who have cured themselves of advanced diseases such as liver cancer, blood cancer, rheumatoid arthritis with severe deformities, severe rectal prolapse since birth, cancer of mouth and others. Also during this brief period, a practitioner, a dwarf woman at age 50, has grown her stubby fingers and all her bowed limbs to almost a normal configuration. If such tall claims were made by anyone else and not personally witnessed by me, I would not have believed them.

I personally have had several major surgeries including two open-heart, two back, two abdominal and two knee surgeries. In addition, I consumed about 20 different medications daily for various bodily ailments like migraine headache, chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, chronic abdominal distress and hyperacidity of the stomach, prostatic enlargement, several skin problems, knee and back pain.  I was able to give up all those medications without any untoward effect by the 4th day of the 40 days while practicing Kriyayoga meditation four times daily and consuming a non-violent yogic diet.

In Kriyayoga meditation there are no contorting postures and it is totally expense free. This is a spiritual science where every practitioner has 100% guaranteed results if practiced continuously with full devotion and patience. A short trial of approximately 7 to 10 days will convince many of improvement in their patience and alleviate bodily and mental troubles."

- Dr. Anil Kumar, M.D., D.C.H. (Swami Shantananda)

Kriyayoga Research Institute,
Jhusi, Allahabad, U.P., India - 211019

 Cell Phone: 011-91-7703007775,


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" Upon observing my life at one point, the awareness came that I had gone as far as I could go with the spiritual explorations and practices available in North America. Lifelong searching for+ a deep spiritual practice led me to Kriyayoga, and my life took a whole new turn. The first time I sat to practice Kriyayoga, I experienced the joy of peace within.

As I practiced Kriyayoga with the thought  “all is God”, life totally changed. First, my body very quickly was healed of two ovarian cysts, thus avoiding surgery.

After this dramatic healing, my body itself became more flexible and I feel like a teenager, although I’m a senior. Youthfulness permeates all I do. As a result, creativity has blossomed in a seemingly limitless flow, permeating all aspects of life, including writing, relationships and the solution of all problems.

Humans usually live by identifying with external world consciousness. This life style is comparable to the ocean, with the swirling waters under the surface.  These swirling eddies of habits are played out as aversion, attachments, greed, anger, lust, ego, ignorance. We are mainly divorced from spirit; consequently habits are established in our lives from our eating habits to our interactions with others, ruling our behavior and rendering us like robots, subject only to the senses.

These habits are driven by thought patterns, mainly unknown to us. As we practice Kriyayoga more deeply, gradually all habits and traits are made visible to us and are transformed. At a dramatic level, on three different occasions during meditation, I have experienced sudden spontaneous inner healing, one of which relieved me of a lifelong pain in the chest area. I was trained as a therapist, and I can assure you, these healings do not occur in this manner.

We develop tolerance and patience, we become wise. Life takes on a new meaning as we find ourselves in our boats of Truth floating atop this ocean of belief in limitations, illness, pain, and pleasure – to realization that all is God and God is Truth.

This simple practice, available to all, free of charge, is the life changing tool brought to earth by God Realized Master, Swami Shree Yogi Satyam. He works tirelessly twenty-four hours daily to bring Kriyayga to the world. He teaches all who come to him, North Americans, Europeans, Russians, South Africans, Asians, highly placed officials and ordinary people

His mission, however, is to the villagers of India, where no one goes. I’ve personally witnessed the transformation that occurs in these thousands of villagers, hungry for the way of Truth.

My gratitude soars to new heights for this God endowed man and his work. I have experienced the  transformation in my own body, mind and spirit. I have witnessed transformation in others, singly and by the hundreds in villages.

I have lived with Yogi Satyam in the ashram in India, in villages, in North America. He lives an ultra simple, frugal lifestyle, living with only the essentials of life. He renders aid and assistance to any and all that ask. He is on call twenty-four hours a day and never ceases to work for the upliftment of humanity.  

His total dedication to God and to the service of humanity has motivated me to join this organization permanently. My goal is God Realization and the ultimate service to humanity by the spreading of this science of Kriyayoga. The time has come for the world to understand and embrace this ancient science, hidden for centuries and revealed again in 1861. Deathless saint, Babaji instructed householder Lahiri Mahasaya, himself a realized Master, guru and Yogavatar. He brought Kriyayoga science to the world of seekers, making it possible for them to live God-centered lives while in the world of work and family.

Kriyayoga is available to all souls searching for their true destiny back to God, awakening the memory of divinity within. Our true conception as children of God is final, permanent union with the spirit. This union is called yoga.

Kriya means, “ to do” (the practice) until we reach our goal: union with spirit. Thus we have Kriyayoga. Kriyayoga means to practice these techniques with full concentration and devotion until our goal of union with God is reached. This is now possible in one lifetime with the practice of Kriyayoga Meditation, as taught by Swami Shree Yogi Satyam."

- Mil Winter (Shraddhamata)


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“Kriyayoga practice can bring out a true human personality- one with courage, patience, and purpose in life. One begins to truly unfold a sense of relationship with all components of nature. The Kriyayoga techniques taught are consistent with known neurological and physical science principles. I also believe it could actually lead into domains which are yet to be discovered. I find Yogi Satyam to be truly enthusiastic about the world as it is. I believe Swami Shree Yogi Satyam is able to realize several aspects of the world beyond the reach of even the best in the field of science and philosophy. His conviction about the realized truth has force to change the world, and I believe it will.”   

-  Dr BalRam Singh

Senior Scientist, Neurochemistry & Bio-physical Chemistry

Director of Center for Indic Studies

President, American Assoc. Professors Indian Ancestry (AAPIA)

Internet address: http://www.umassd.edu/Chemistry/singh/bio
E-mail : bsingh@umassd.edu



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“Kriyayoga technique, as taught by Yogi Satyam, is a superior yoga technique compared to many others’ teachings which emphasize mostly on asanas or postures.  Kriyayoga technique contributes to overall healing and/or cure of a person in all aspects of his/her being.  Healing is far superior than cure.  I have seen only positive effects in people who faithfully practice Kriyayoga, in America and Canada, and also in India”.

- Dr. S. Goyal

         M.D., New York, U.S.A.



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