Ahimsa Paramodharmahah by Swami Shree Yogi Satyam

Ahimsa is  called  absence of hinsa ( violence & killing ).
Paramodharmahah means eternal dharma.

Dharma word is derived from Sanskrit word-‘ dhri’, which means to hold permanently .
Thus holding  eternity ( infinity i.e. God ) permanently  is  being with Paramodharm .
Holding eternity means consciously experiencing Omnipresent God and staying in this condition.
This is called  living with Ahimsa .

Practicing Ahimsa  means practicing presence of God.
For it, we select our body and learn the scientific concentration on each part to seek God, for God is Omnipresent.
Kriyayoga is the highest technique of seeking God within  and without.
It is clear that practicing Kriyayoga is truly following the path of Ahimsa (non-violence ) .

Living with Ahimsa is creating an atmosphere of perfect  love where there is no chance of any fight
between the cells of body and bacteria and virus and there is no space for any sickness in body and mind .

Living with Ahimsa is living Truth .

Truth is immortal , bliss  and ever-new  joy .
Thus, living with Ahimsa is realization of one’s immortal nature.
This is the ultimate aim of  all persons on this earth.
In common language, non-violence is passive resistance to evil by love, spiritual power &
intuitive reasoning , without the use of physical arms and forces .