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True Celebration of Ahimsa


Body is Aswathaa -
Changes in Body are Source of All Knowledge of Creation

Practise Same Science of Truth as Jesus practised with
Mahavatar Babaji

Necessity of Kriyayoga:
Victory over Death

Rebuilding Temple
In Three days

Kriyayoga-Truth and Non-Violence Explains The Same Truth
(Mela 2009)

Kriyayoga Explains
Science of Habit
Part 1     Part 2

Science of Food

Bible and Gita
Teach Same Truth

Kriyayoga brings Correct
Behaviour and Living

(Speech at Yog Fellowship)

Kriyayoga Diet -
Observing Food Gap Helps
To Increase Understanding


We Are Children Of God

(In Hindi)

Kriyayoga Diet -
Important Information
about Salt

Speech on Janamashtami
given at Yog Fellowship Temple

Be One With Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and the Power Beyond...

The Promise Of
Paramahansa Yogananda

Truth is Eternal

Healing by Perfect Understanding

The True Meaning Of Pranam

The Purpose of Marraige
(In Hindi)

Lift Consciousness
Beyond Duality

Experiencing Real Health

The Great Incarnation
Jesus Christ On Earth...

Science of Nutrition

Science of Food

Message on Easter

Praanayama same as
I Die Daily , Bible

Best Way To Learn

Following Jesus-
Realize Self as Child of God

Message on Holi

(In Hindi)

On The Occasion of:
 Independence Day of  India:
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Christ Consciousness

Christmas :Celebrate 
Real Birth of Christ

Easter: Journey Towards
The Star of The East

Realize Infinite Glory Within
with Photos from

Spring Healing Program 2008

Angelic Consciousness

Kriyayoga Encompasses

Ye Are All Gods
(Guruji Interviewed in Victoria)

Glimpse of 
Magh Mela 2008

Ashram Project
Mahavatar Babaji Blessed 
Banyan Tree Sacred Shrine

Healing Program 2007

Canada 2007 Kriyayoga
Photos & Messages

Kriyayoga Research Institute:
Your Spiritual Home In
Allahabad, India

Janamashtami-Birth of Krishna Consciousness Within

Glimpse of programs in 
India and North America...

Genesis 3:3 Explained -
In the Light of Kriyayoga

Diwali & Christmas: 
7 Churches are Chakras. 
Lord Ram Did Not Fight in Ramayana.

Guruji Speaking On 
Rediscovering Cosmos