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Spiritual Interpretation
of Diwali

Accepting with Love All
Changes Within Reveals
Knowledge of Creation...

Death Never Exists

Spinal Shrine- The Divine Pathway Of Ascension Into Spirit (God Consciousness)


Mahabharata -
Spiritual Interpretation


Significance of Hoisting Flag

Celebrating Christmas
Under Banyan Tree

In Hindi


Eternal Glory of India

Bible Genesis Explained:
Understanding Adam and Eve,
Snake, Creation


Follow the path
of Ahimsa
(International Yoga Week)

Cosmic Energy Has Become All


ow To Solve Our Problem

Glory of Our Beloved
Kriyayoga Master

Kriyayoga-13 step towards heaven

Kriyayoga Meditation
teaches Heavenly

Babaji's Blessed Banyan Tree

Temple of God

Babaji's Blessed Ashram

God Has Become All
(English)    (In Hindi)

Independence Day

Truth Behind Bodily Perceptions

Glory of Scriptures

Who is Arjuna?

Promise of
Lord Krishna

Follow the
path of Christ

How To Find God

Real Meaning of
Independence Day

Root Cause
of Illness

Victory Over Habit

Pranayama Is Life

Real Meaning of Diwali (Eng)

Thought of Immortaltity

Food Truth &

Asana-State of Evenmindedness

True Understanding
of Spirituality

Solution for All Problems
(In hindi)

Journey towards

Existence of Ghost


Attaining State
of Fearlessness

Kriyayoga - Fulfilling all Dreams
and Desires of Incarnations

Science of

Eternal Dedication To Our
Beloved Divine Guruji

Chemistry of Pain


Kriyayoga - Realizing Oneness
 Cosmic Intelligence