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Revelation : The Word of God Part 2
(Bible Interpretation)

Revelation : The Word of God
(Bible Interpretation)

Understanding and Accepting Dimensions of Life

Kriyayoga Practice Awakens True
Concept of Mahabharata Within

Realize Your Infinite Potential


Science of Food based on the principles of Non-Violence

Universal Need for Kriyayoga


Real Celebration
of Ramnaumee

english    hindi  

Understanding Kriyayoga Meditation

Correct Lifestyle

Solve All Problems Through
Kriyayoga Meditation


Journey Towards Self-Realization

Urgent Need For Kriyayoga
In Modern Time

Crucify Your Ego Willingly
Through Kriyayoga Meditation

New Year 2011

Science of

Part 2

Introduction To

Kriyayoga Explains
Human Nature -
Eternal Search of True Knowledge (God)

The Glory of

Celebrating Non-violence means Perceiving Immortal Consciousness

True Meaning of Pranam

Kriyayoga - Realize
This Is Dream

Celebrating Guru Poornima
In The Light of Kriyayoga

How to get rid of all kinds
of problems in our  life

Kriyayoga - Way To
Perceive Truth

Spiritual Interpretation
of Ram Charit Manas

Beneficial Effect
of Pain

Practice Kriyayoga
To Know Kriyayoga

Use oil seed instead of oil

Accepting all changes
brings Renewal, Rejuvenation

Receive an Spread Message
of Truth in Correct Way

Importance of
Lust Within

Power of Even-Mindedness;
Attachment and Aversion
Causes Lack of Nutrition

Complete Devotion
In God; Glimpse of

Magh Mela 2010

Religion is To
Unite All

Meaning of Celebrating
Father's Day

Kriyayoga Practice
Prevents Heart Problems

Connect With Truth
To Best Spread

Best Message for All


Kriyayoga (hindi) - 
Lord Ram did not fight

Garden of Eden

Kriyayoga brings
Calmness of Mind

Science of Self-Preservation

Importance of Anger
and Greed Within

Present Age is
Ascending Dwapar 310

Oneness with Self brings
Knowledge of Everything

Mahabharata - Science of
Overcoming Spiritual Illness

Realization of
Complete Unity

Explaining Will of God

Eternal Glory of Self
(Head to Toes)

Be Eternally Healthy

Kriyayoga brings
no side-effects

Sermon From North To
Make Sunrise In East